What If We Stopped Looking For Jobs and Started Making Them?

We look to certain people as the ones who holds our economy in their hands. The media  shows us moments of our history as it unfolds and we get the sense that its others someone out there that is holding the reins and it is us that that has a bit in our mouths. But this is false. An economy is the totality of all our actions. Should we together choose to act differently we could steer things in the direction we want. We have the power to create a different tomorrow. But the truth is we don’t. We listen to pundits debate. We whine to our friends and nod together at how  teribble things are but we dont do too much to change anything. We have the freedom to mold our government and policy but we dont. Because we dont see how it can be done. We realize there are too many variables and we dont really have the time or motivation to really change things. I would like to propose a solution. A solution that wont fix everything or even most things but a solution that will help us come together more easily. A space that will be used to join us in creating new businesses together. There are many many people who are unemployed at one moment in time. Perhaps there are thousands parsing through job websites at any moment hoping and praying to find something that fits their skill set and experience level. What if those people were able to find each other and start a new business together. I propose we create a online space where people can come to pitch their businesses plans to people who are willing to work for equity. Because of the proprietary nature of peoples business plans this is the  experience I imagine: The out of work person comes onto the site and enters in the job roles that they are interested in. Now there is a database of available workers for all categories of jobs. The entrepreneur comes online and fills out what jobs he needs for his project and in which location. The database shows him all the available people with links to their profiles. He can parse through them and with just a click send them a message to indicate that hes interested together with a link to his business plan. If there is mutual interest they can message each other and agree to meet. This Space will enable creative capable people to come together and focus on building new institutions that will enhance and grow our world. If you would like to help me in building this platform please contact me.


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