On What Comes After Crowdfunding

We have spent too many years with simplistic tools that allow us to do not much more than chitchat with each other. We started in anonymous chat rooms and  we then  moved to forums on relevant topics and eventually the social media giants emerged allowing us to move away from the secrecy of usernames and into the light of authentic self branded content.  And all of this is great. It has lead to more collaboration than in anytime in history but there is another milestone to be reached. And that is purposeful results driven team building platforms.  I believe that there needs to be a place in which we can create actionable proposals and enable people to join and participate in  those projects. Not a project management platform that allows  an already established team to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Rather a public  platform that gives people the tools to share a proposal and enables the reader to become a participant in the proposed idea and not just a passive consumer of the idea. I’m imagining a space in which anybody is empowered to start gathering the support and working collaboratively on what ever  group project they wish to accomplish no matter how small or large.  Allow me to elaborate on what I am proposing. Let’s use an example for illustrative purposes. Imagine An earthquake or some sort of natural disaster takes place. The news will be published but how many people participate in a response. Currently as things are the ones to respond are the disaster response teams that have been prepared for such a scenario. Most people will passively discover the news as it is reported by journalist and be given the opportunity to donate money toward the the organizations currently in place. But what if there was a way for people to propose plans of action: detailed documents that are posted online like a Kickstarter  campaign, a  pitch page that contains the overall vision of the project as well as the fleshed out specifics of the project vision such as the required resources , team members required , milestones, as well as a task list that will need to be completed for the success of  the project. Users will be able to come to the site, and view all the proposed projects. When they see one that they are interested in joining they can request to join it. Once the initiator of the project accepts their join request they will have access to a project management platform. This will be a place for the team to join together virtually and make sure that every part of the vision is being executed.  This internal  project collaboration platform is similar to what Asana which grew out of Facebook is currently providing to already established business  teams . Features include  a messaging feature so that everyone on the team can communicate with each other , a feature to view who is responsible for what task as well as delegating tasks to certain team members. There can be a resource view feature where the team can see how much available assets are available for the project. And there will be more features as well. The question becomes how to sustain such a platform. Sure there can be a non profit established however I believe that there can be revenue generated through sponsorship of projects. Each project created will have the ability should they choose so to to accept funds that will result in the project being sponsored. I feel strongly that such a platform will give humanity the ability to group together and work on projects that will result in the betterment of society for all. There can be great strides made in all fields that humans strive to better themselves at such as  all fields of science, politics and economic growth efforts , humanitarian efforts as well as many many other areas.   I will be creating a financial model that will demonstrate the cost structure of building such a platform.


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