On Meaning Games And Religion In The Modern Age

The secular age prides itself on throwing away what it cannot verify. It aims for the truth no matter how bitter a pill it might be. And yet humanity continues to make art. We continue to create elaborate meaning symbols. We create fine art and we create brands. We continue to tell ourselves stories of what all of this means in spite of the fact that that we cannot validate our stories. And we recognize that this act of making up stories and living by them is crucial to our humanity.We must have a story to live by to live for, our sanity depends on it. We must have a story in which we matter, in which our fate matters. We must tell our children stories so that they will believe that they matter. When we don’t have stories we feel lost, confused, alone and floating in a strange infinite place. But with a meaning game that we buy into we feel focused and we feel that we matter. But the only way that this game works is if we dont recognize that we are playing a game. We have to suspend our disbelief. We have to genuinely buy into the story. If we recognize that it is a game then the veil is lifted and the game stops. We must become so immersed in the game that we fail to recognize that it is a game. And this is what the modern age has such a hard time doing. We have gained such a high level of self awareness that it is almost impossible to become immersed in a game. In our desperate romantic search for truth we have lost the ability to become players in a game. we are only spectators. And so we have lost our sense of meaning and we live in existential nausea. We have failed to recognize that meaning will only come if we suspend the critic and allow ourselves to play. If we are too critical then all games seize with the claim that it is only a game. There seems to be two options available. We can buy a prepackaged story or we can create one. There are stories available from groups that have come before us and made up stories about origin and purpose. There are corporations that have made up stories about the value of material goods and what ownership symbolises. We can buy into those stories, we can continue to love the things and people that they have taught us to love and hat the things behaviors that they have taught us to hate. we can continue to work to acquire the goods that they have told us to work toward. But that is an easier way. The other way is to make up new stories. To create new meaning symbols and create a world of our own. This choice requires thought and caution. For the world we create will be the world we and our children live in. But in this choice lies the promise of possibility. Lies the deep ever present hope of change. That reality is malleable. That society is part of the evolutionary process. Can we create the world of our dreams? Yes if we begin to tell different stories. Advertising has known this for quite some time. We can affect our reality by telling new stories about it. We can rally people and form groups around those stories. That is why I write. I write with the hope that my propaganda will spread. That people will begin to recognize that our reality is malleable. That we are not confined to the way things are. That if we dare to dream again we can make not just a ding in the universe but a roar. We can spin reality in any way we desire. The question becomes what exactly do we desire? We can tell new stories but it requires that we wake up out of the sleepy lull of the everyday. It requires us to become aware of our power. Today we have the power to group together in a way that was never possible in history. We can join together around a virtual campfire and tell new stories to each other. I feel that as our social platforms continue to evolve we will be empowered even more to participate in shaping our culture. I look forward to seeing some of the new stories that emerge and I look forward to writing some of them. We need people to have the audacity to create new meaning symbols. We need to create a system of symbols and values that function for all and not just a select few. I propose a web based platform for the propagation of these new tools and symbols. A platform that publishes content and tools aimed at spreading values that can work for all of us . A platform for pushing humanity in a direction that it can go if we have the courage and chutzpa to make it go there.


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