On A New Kind Of Social Solution Incubator

Throughout history governing our societies has been a complicated business. We try to create policies to help our towns, cities, states, countries, and even our globe thrive and flourish. But we make a lot of mistakes. As humans we operate with imperfect knowledge especially when it comes to predicting the outcomes of our choices. Sometimes we act out of selfishness and hurt others around us other times we are sincere and cause disastrous outcomes unintentionally. We need to govern ourselves, anarchy would be worse than any of the other other options that we have experimented with over the ages. But in our rapidly evolving modern world many of us are realising that our models are failing us.  We pour our grant money into think tanks that come up with policies that come up with amazing solutions however somehow our best efforts are not yielding the results we all dream about. Is there anything we can do about it? Or are we doomed to continue to experiment and learn from our failures over and over?

John Searle writes throughout  his work about the nature of our social ontology. The way in which us humans construct our social reality. We say, “this is money ” and in that declaration we create money. What this means is that our social world is malleable. We can reconstruct it should we choose to do so. We can write a declaration of independence and thereby forge a new nation. We can transform and reform our relationships with things separate from ourselves. However sometimes we come to believe that the way things are is the way things should be. We assume that if they have made these norms then they must know what they are talking about. But most norms are a just a meme that has achieved dominance because it was the best solution. We recognize that it is no longer working but we don’t take enough initiative to change things. We try to but our efforts aren’t strategic enough. We write articles, we comment on them and then we go back to laughing at funny cats. We got to expensive conferences and nod solemly at the speakers eloquent rehearsed words but we need more than that. Language and communication in all its forms can acheive only so much they can ignite they can express out deepest thoughts but they can not execute our visions. the pen relies on the hammer to execute the work.

This is what we need, we need a new institution in which humanity all of humanity can come together to create new artifacts and processes. A space in which we can iterate together and to solve the problems that we all face together. A space that does not focus on producing journal articles and findings but rather real solutions that are reared in the lab and then set up in the real world.  A space in which we can recreate our social reality. I propose we build a real brick and mortar space for center that is open to the public to contribute their insights and inputs. They can put forth a problem and they can put forth solutions. It will be a garage space in which people can offer their minds and bodies in coming up with functional solutions to our most pressing problems. There could be a team of marketing professionals that can assist in launching and gaining followers to the project similar to a startup incubator.There could even be a pitch day in which there is a presentation to the public to help support these projects. In essence this project can be a social solution incubator.


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