I Dont Want a Job

As a college student in 2013 It’s hard not to realize that my world has changed. Old advice, if not completely useless, echoes a distinct emptiness as I realize that things no longer are as they were. The real world today beckons like a deviant seductress luring me in while never hiding the danger that she represents. Sure, I’ve read widely and deeply across many disciplines  and have learned so much that it has redefined me. I feel ready, But am I ? Where is this journey supposed to lead, what story will I paint? Will It all come down to a life  of carrots and sticks, sticks and carrots waiting with my tongue panting  like a good boy to get fed a treat if I behave. No.  I’ve come to realize that the model that was fed to me is broken. The good life of endless selfish hedonism isn’t good.

I don’t want a job. I don’t want to dance for the pleasure of shareholders to be fed a scrap of herring like a seal at sea world. I don’t want to chase wealth, to spin endlessly in a loop of consumerism falling in a spiral, bitching endlessly about how hard it is to play this game.  No I don’t want a job. They have counterarguments “Hey at least it pays the bills.” But what are we paying them for?  I see it as the boring life. The rationalist glaring nostrils are all up in a twist.“Well what then? You just gonna bum around and play video games leaching off your parents?”


God no. Why would I do that? Sure I want profit but only enough to buy enough. What if I just bought the goods that meet my biological needs? Why chase the tail of luxury that I will Never catch?

The good life is not the indulgent safe life. No , I seek the meaningful project, the one that yields more than just profit.  What is important work that needs to be done? What can I do to contribute to the greater good? What projects are waiting to be executed? Where can I get my hands dirty in something that matters? I don’t want to ask permission to make a difference I want to go do it.  I have my own projects that I want to bring into this world. They are meaningful projects that will help humanity in significant ways. But I cannot do it alone. Let this post serve as a two way invitation, I am offering myself to anyone out there with a meaningful project. I can come join you as a consultant.  For free. Or come join me. I want to start a company that does meaningful projects. I want to throw away the model of asking what will people pay for. I want to ask what is important for the world now.  What will help families, communities nations and the world continue to improve and thrive? I invite the doers of this world to join me. The crazy ones the ones that love breaking things and making them better. The world we have today are the choices we made yesterday. If we are to change anything we must make choices today to create the world of tomorrow.  Today it is easy to collaborate together. I can do more then write a blog post I can start something that can make a difference. If I spoke to you at all then let this be more than something you thumb through. Share it, talk about it. I give permission for you to do whatever you want with it. Email me let me know who you are and what you dream about. Let’s brainstorm together. I have some ideas of my own and I’d love to hear yours.


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